Dr. Sapna's

Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching



Spiritual is not Religion. Being spiritual is about living in harmony with that part of self that is connected to the Divine. There is nothing magical or special that one must do to become spiritual. The only requirement is a willingness and desire and faith to connect to your divine self. Once you are able to connect to your higher self, your approach towards the issues of life and towards others changes. With this change, your pain takes a new meaning and life gains a new enthusiasm for a more meaningful growth.


Simply described, counseling is a process, where one person (the counselor) helps another person (the counselee) to work through some difficult or painful emotional, behavioral,relationship or professional problem or difficulty. There have always been counselors — people who listen to others and help resolve difficulties. However, we need someone who would listen without judgment or prejudice, someone who would understand and support unconditionally, someone who would approach the problem objectively, someone who would gently guide us towards understanding and decision making without being moralistic and be with us so that we develop confidence in self and look forward to the challenges of life.


Spiritual Counseling is a spiritual approach to us and our blocks. Spiritual Counseling aims at connecting you to to your higher self and to help you integrate your goals with your spiritual purpose thus reducing internal conflicts and strengthening oneself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and in effect physically. The ultimate goal is a healthy, peaceful, happy life.