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On start up of this project the one question that was raised more than once was, "Is it safe to call it "Spiritual Counseling"? ... and why so?  "Well that is kind of a pretty heavy word, and people might just stay away looking at that word"... Genuine concern!

BUT then Isn't it time to remove the hype around this most beautiful and intimate truth of our life? over the centuries religious proponents dished out spirituality to us in which ever form they desired. Of course the intention was not wrong always. They did realize that not everyone was ready to understand the true essence of spirituality and hence they wrapped it in the gift wrapping of religion and decorated it with fear, heaven and hell, rituals etc. By the time it reached the common man all that was seen was the decorations. 

But we are in the new millennium now. And this one is a very special one. As the world dabbles with the "end of world" prophecy, the spiritual awareness of individuals seem to be rising at an astonishing speed.  However like with any other change, this change is creating confusion and awe in a different way, but there is no doubt that we are more ready to accept our own spiritual nature than humanity ever was. Thus the need to bring Spirituality to the common man in a form as simple as every day breathing takes up utmost importance.

What with film makers handling this topic in a way that is easier for the masses to understand.. we all have to try.. We all have to know... I am spiritual being, a soul in a physical body rather than a human body having

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